Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Homework @ Camden Crawl

This Saturday, May 5th I will be appearing at Homework at The Enterprise Pub in Camden between 2.30pm and 5.30pm as part of the Camden Crawl.
This will be a subsidiary branch of the Homework label, an event that usually takes place at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club run by Aisle16 and their associate poets and writers.
This is a storytelling event called Losing It, where guest speakers will be telling true stories based on that theme.

So the main reason I knocked up this little blog is so I could have something to put on the promotional material for this event, in case any of you lovely people wanted to know anything about me.

However, if the web traffic has for any reason worked the other way around, then check out the details for the event here:

And here:

I realise that this is a blogging website, and not necessarily the best place to put my professional biog or gigs list or whatever, but I'm not sure that I care.
Basically I'm shit at the internet, but I vaguely know how to use this.
Plus I was asked for a website for a gig I'm doing this weekend, so needed to do something fast.

Greetings nobody

This is the place where I, Tom Clutterbuck, will write what I am doing in the world of stand-up comedy.
Ok then, bye.